March 23, 2011

Website Wednesdays - Community Mediation Search

Each Wednesday (or as close thereto as our schedule allows) we will highlight a particular feature of NAFCM's website worthy of your review.  By highlighting specific components of our website, we're hopeful you'll become better equipped to take full advantage of all the resources we've packed into our mighty site. Once you've checked out this week's feature, we invite you to continue clicking and discover even more!

This week's "Website Wednesday" feature: Community Mediation Search Engine

Do you Yahoo?  Do you Google?  Do you... Community Mediate?!  You should!  NAFCM has scoured the Internet to discover and aggregate hundreds of websites directly related and of greatest interest to our field.  You can take advantage of this extensive directory directly from NAFCM's website.

Using the power of Google's Custom Search Engine, we've created a search tool that only indexes community mediation and related websites.  You can access this new tool on the top right corner of every webpage.  Simply click the downward arrow next to the "Search this site" box to reveal a "Community Mediation Search" option.  (The above picture demonstrates how to access this option.)  By selecting this option and then performing your search, you'll receive the fastest, most targeted, and useful information you've ever experienced online.   

For example, if you perform a regular Internet search for "intake form", you'll receive thousands of results from accountants, attorneys, counselors, doctors, schools, and countless other professional contexts which have nothing to do with community mediation.  Using NAFCM's new "Community Mediation Search Engine," however, this exact same search will provide you instant access to dozens of community mediation intake forms located on colleagues' websites.  No clutter, no useless results, no wasted time.  You get exactly what you need FAST!

To constantly improve your results, we are regularly adding new URLs to be indexed by our custom search tool. As programs around the world launch new websites, we're quickly adding them to the directory.  You can ensure your own website is included by completing our simple online form.  Once your site has been added, your resources will become quickly accessible to assist colleagues near and far.

Once you give it a try, you'll likely find yourself "Community Mediating" more and more!  Use NAFCM's custom search engine to find sample forms, compare volunteer requirements or mediation costs, or, amusingly, "Community Mediate" yourself or a co-worker. Whatever you search for, we're confident you'll love the results!

Executive Director, NAFCM

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