March 21, 2011

Las Vegas Regional Training Institute: May 20-21

10 hours of Specialized Training
2 days with Colleagues
1 Weekend in Vegas!


We've now finalized NAFCM's 2011 Las Vegas Regional Training Institute (RTI) and are ready for you to join the fun!  This exciting event includes a convenient, yet extensive schedule of courses to help our field's dedicated community mediation staffers enhance their programs and further their own professional development.

We refined our courses to highlight those topics commanding our field's attention over the past year, including fundraising, sustainability, quality assurance, and several others.  We'll be presenting these topics using RTI faculty who have lead the way in innovation and tirelessly striven to continually advance our field.  Take time to visit the complete schedule of course topics and meet this year's RTI faculty.

At NAFCM, we're incredibly understanding of the difficult financial situations many community mediation programs have weathered these past few years.  As a result, we have carefully crafted a schedule that minimizes travel costs, and are offering an incredibly affordable registration rate. By beginning later in the morning on Friday, May 20th, and concluding mid-afternoon on Saturday, May 21st, attendees can participate in the entire event while incurring only a single night of hotel expense.  For those who are interested, we are also working to arrange free home-stays with volunteer mediators from the Neighborhood Justice Center, our gracious host for the RTI training site.  (Please contact us if you are interested in exploring potential home-stay options.)

We look forward to having many of you join us in fabulous Las Vegas May 20-21.  The connections, resources, and wisdom you'll gain are all things you'll definitely be taking back home.  The rest of your Vegas experience is, of course, confidential! 

Registrations are limited and close May 6th, so be sure to REGISTER TODAY!

In community,
Executive Director, NAFCM

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