March 25, 2011

CRC Wins Mediation Video Competition

Congratulations, Conflict Resolution Center!

The Conflict Resolution Center in Minneapolis has won First Prize in the Second Annual Mediation Video Contest on YouTube!  CRC's submission, titled: "The Power of Mediation," is an informative, moving introduction to how mediation can assist those in conflict.  

With it's insightful commentary, authentic mediation vignettes, clear message, and exceptional production quality, CRC's video is a valuable contribution to our field and to those seeking to learn more about how mediation may help with their own conflicts.  The video features Karmit Bulman, a current NAFCM Board member, and provides examples of elder mediation, landlord/tenant mediation, and parent/teen mediation, all interlaced with moving reflections about the power and potential of mediation.

The contest, sponsored by the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution's Mediation Committee. will present CRC with a $1,000 cash prize and feature the video during the Section's Spring Conference in Denver on April 13-16.  Additional video awards were presented for "Pigs, Pistols, and a Hanging; Mediation Meets the Hatfields and the McCoys" (Second Prize); "Why Mediate?" (First Prize - Student); and "Mediation: Explanation & Dramatization" (Second Prize - Student).    You can discover even more mediation videos by visiting NAFCM's Community Mediation YouTube Channel

Congratulations, again, to Conflict Resolution Center for the recognition!

In community,
Executive Director, NAFCM

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