March 9, 2011

Introducing NAFCM's "Website Wednesdays"

This week, we're pleased to launch a new feature on NAFCM's Blog, entitled: "Website Wednesdays."  

Each Wednesday (or as close thereto as our schedule allows) we will highlight a particular feature on NAFCM's website worthy of your review.  By highlighting specific components of our website, we're hopeful you'll become better equipped to take full advantage of all the resources we've packed into our mighty site.  Once you've checked out this week's feature, we invite you to continue clicking and discover even more!
This week's "Website Wednesday" feature: News & Resource Feeds

With over 400 community mediation programs throughout the U.S. and hundreds more internationally, our field definitely moves and shakes.  Trying to stay on top of it all can be an incredibly difficult and time consuming undertaking.  As a result, many of our colleagues only have time to learn what's happening at nearby programs or, for the ambitious, around their state.

Now, community mediation programs, their staffs, volunteers, and Board members can easily plug-in to the entire field directly from NAFCM's website.  We've created a single page titled "News & Research" containing up-to-the-minute activities and resources from Washington state to Washington D.C., Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, and all points in between.  

We've scoured the web, subscribed to countless feeds, and set up dozens of alerts that capture and notify us of everything from newly published research to realtime tweets.  Using this system, roughly 20 items of note cross our desk each day.  (This number will continue to grow as we further build upon and refine our notification system, and as more community mediation programs expand their online activities.) Once notified, we personally vet each item and link only the most interesting, noteworthy, and otherwise helpful information to be featured on our website.  

In just the first month of our new website going live, we have featured over 100 items, including 20 job  announcements, 20 links to the latest research, over 30 national and local news stories, and links to 30 social updates, all specifically related to community mediation.  (Of course, if you find we're ever missing anything, please don't hesitate to let us know.)  Regularly visiting NAFCM's website will give you access to all these updates without having to wander the web alone.  With so many updates added daily, staying on top of community mediation is as easy as!

We hope you enjoy this new feature!

In community,
Executive Director, NAFCM