March 4, 2011

NAFCM Awarded a Google Grant!

NAFCM has been awarded a grant from Google allowing us to further promote public awareness of community mediation services.  As a recipient of a generous Google Grant, NAFCM will have extensive access to in-kind advertising designed to promote community mediation and constructive conflict engagement skills.  

Soon, links to NAFCM's online program map, interactive FAQ webpage, creative phone-in testimonials, and other resources will appear atop and alongside typical results when people search for such things as "sue my neighbor," "crazy in-laws," "hostile work environment," and many other common conflict-related terms.  Of course, we'll also be promoting NAFCM's resources alongside more 'industry-specific' terminology, such as "alternative dispute resolution,""community mediation," and "third-party neutrals," amongst others.

This grant will help introduce those in conflict with the helpfulness of community mediation services.  It provides our entire field priority access to those who are both experiencing some sort of conflict and casually or desperately seeking out advice and/or resources to deal with that conflict.  Being prominently showcased within results for many conflict-related searches means the public will now have truly helpful alternatives to the countless heavily optimized commercial websites which promote adversarial, combative, or other less-than-constructive remedies for seekers' queried quandaries.

This is a wonderful opportunity for NAFCM and, by extension, the entire community mediation field.   We encourage other 501(c)(3) nonprofit community mediation programs to apply for their own Google Grant to further raise public awareness, expand our collective reach, and do even more good.  

(Congratulations are in order for Community Mediation of Greater New Haven, which was also recently awarded a Google Grant!)

Thanks, Google!

In community,
Justin R. Corbett
Executive Director, NAFCM

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