March 25, 2011

2011 Board Election Results Announced

Congratulations to NAFCM's newest Board Members-Elect!

We are thrilled to announce the results of this year's Board of Directors nominations and elections processes.  Following an impressive number and quality of nominations earlier this year, the NAFCM Board settled on a slate of seven candidates.  We encouraged members to learn more about each candidate and cast their vote for those they felt would help advance our field.  After a remarkable member turnout during the voting process, we are pleased to welcome all seven of the candidates as our newest Board Members-Elect!

The newest members of NAFCM's Board of Directors, whose terms will officially begin on May 18th, are as follows:

      Member-Elect: Samuel "Joe" Brummer
      Program: Community Mediation, Inc.
      Location: New Haven, CT 

      Member-Elect: Elaine Dickhoner
      Program:  Working to establish a community mediation program
      Location: Cincinnati, OH 

      Member-Elect: Diane Featherstone
      Location: Conroe, TX 

      Member-Elect: S. Gabrielle Frey
      Program: Resolution Works
      Location: Denver, CO 

      Member-Elect: John R. Gehm
      Program: Restore
      Location: Sioux Falls, SD 

      Member-Elect: Daniel Kos
      Program: NYS Unified Court System’s Office of ADR and Court Improvement Programs
      Location: Cohoes, NY 

      Member-Elect: James "Jim" Lingl 
      Program: Board Member, Ventura Center for Dispute Settlement
      Location: Thousand Oaks, CA 

Over the next seven weeks leading up to the annual Face-to-Face Board meeting and Regional Training Institute in Las Vegas, we will be featuring extended profiles of our newest Board Members-Elect as part of our new "Meet the Board" blog series.  We invite you to click in and learn about their impressive backgrounds and exciting goals for their Board tenure, and share their enthusiasm for our critically important field. 

As we begin to orient these exceptional individuals onto NAFCM's Board, we also want to take time to thank our members.  Your votes have provided these individuals an incredible opportunity to serve you.  Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully review their backgrounds, statements, and goals, and then cast your vote in this year's elections.  We look forward to harnessing all our newest energies and resources to continue to serve and support all the good you do.

This truly is an exciting time for all our new Board Members-Elect, for NAFCM, and for our field!  Congratulations!

In community,
Executive Director, NAFCM

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  1. Congrats to all and blessings from Mary Ellen Bowen, past co chair!