March 22, 2011

Beyond Bullying - Training Active Bystanders

Community mediation programs across the country have initiated and advanced an impressive array of community-focused services.  From community-police dialogues to surrogate decision making, cross-cultural communication training to homeless prevention, these services expand upon the core components of constructive conflict engagement and serve to equip communities with targeted responses to emerging and persistent conflict trends.

No trend is as disturbing or consequential as bullying.  Headlines continue to fill our media with unfortunate examples of the harm caused by such activities, as well the creative and increasingly visible responses it has begun to elicit from school houses to the White House.

Quabbin Mediation in Orange, Massachusetts, is leading the way in responding to this increasingly destructive conflict through their engaging, holistic, and proven approach called Training Active Bystanders (TAB).

NAFCM is pleased to highlight Quabbin Mediation's extensive work with TAB by offering a teleseminar designed to educate and expand the use of TAB programming throughout communities nationwide.  Co-hosted by the ACR New England Chapter, this hour-long teleseminar on May 26th will feature three of Quabbin Mediation's dedicate professional staff members and introduce the tenants, benefits, and potential of TAB.  We invite all interested programs to learn more and register for this FREE teleseminar titled: Beyond Bullying - Training Active Bystanders.

Together, we can help reduce harm, improve our communities, and do even more good.

In community,
Executive Director, NAFCM

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