April 12, 2011

Meet the NAFCM Board - S. Gabrielle Frey

"Meet the NAFCM Board" is a series of guest blog posts designed to introduce you to those shaping the agenda and direction of our field.  We invite you to welcome new Board members and reconnect with our returning leadership by leaving a comment below.

Greetings All!

Ok, this is my first ‘blog’ posting and I’m going off to deep thoughts with Gabrielle. When Justin asked us (the newly elected board members – and thank you very much for your votes and belief that I will be a solid representative of the NAFCM membership!), to provide something to be shared with the NAFCM blog community, I was perplexed as to what I might say that will resonate with my peers.

My only blog exposure thus far is my brother’s poetry and haiku blog which features linguistic wonders and thought provoking vignettes, neither of which is my strength.

I am excited to become involved with NAFCM and my fellow conflict resolution gurus, as I work to grow my business in the Denver metro area. I opened Resolution Works (A Community Mediation and Restorative Justice Agency) July 1, 2008, as the phoenix rising from two Community Mediation centers that both closed their doors June 30, 2008, both having begun offering services in the early 1990’s.

I have such wonderful support from my board (comprised of people from the founding agencies, people working in mediation and restorative justice, and passionate individuals manifesting change), my community – the justice system, the schools, and citizens who have participated in our services, and local education systems including the Community College system and large universities.

Wherever I go I find a yearning for tools to understand conflict and a desire to be adept at resolving discord. Each conversation is a learning opportunity for me and reinvigorates my need to become better, stronger, and more adept at being present in the moment and experiencing what might be happening. To bear witness to the journey in which we all are occupants – and in which conflict is the only constant.

Each day I believe that I have improved, and then I am challenged and humbled by the beauty of conversation; the subtlety of body language and the delicate nature of the human spirit. Each evening I wonder what the next moon cycle will bring, and how I will face the challenge.

Looking forward to learning from and with all of you as we grow our profession and plant seeds of resolution with all whom we meet.

Wishing you well,

S. Gabrielle Frey
Resolution Works – Executive Director
18th Judicial District – Colorado (Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert and Lincoln Counties)

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