April 28, 2011

Meet the NAFCM Board - Diane Featherstone

"Meet the NAFCM Board" is a series of guest blog posts designed to introduce you to those shaping the agenda and direction of our field.  We invite you to welcome new Board members and reconnect with our returning leadership by leaving a comment below.

Thank you members for having faith in my ability to serve your interests as a member of the NAFCM Board of Directors. I look forward to talking with you, learning with you, and supporting the power of community mediation centers with you. Together we can “be the light at the end of the tunnel” for members of our communities. The Board of Directors for the Dispute Resolution Center of Montgomery County (DRC) is very supportive of this appointment and look forward to hearing all the great things NAFCM will be doing to make a difference.

Our local DRC has been supporting the citizens of Montgomery County (and surrounding counties) Texas are 23 years. Our county commissioners, judges and attorneys have been active participants in the success of this program. In 2010 we opened over 1,200 cases…these cases were mediated by volunteers (many have over 10 years of dedication) with an average 86% settlement rate. Our “mediators rock”!!!!

As a “very active” member of the NAFCM Board of Directors I look forward to extending skills I have gained over a lifetime, gathering more skills from a wealth of knowledge amongst the members, and collaborating to share the value of community mediation centers. It will also be great to work with Justin and other members to expand the clearinghouse resource tool.

Diane Featherstone
Executive Director
Dispute Resolution Center of Montgomery County

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