October 27, 2011

Blending Transformative & Community Mediation

We are pleased to share with you an exceptional chapter from Transformative Mediation: A Sourcebook, co-published by ISCT and ACR. This chapter, entitled "Choosing to Change: Transitioning to the Transformative Model in a Community Mediation Center," is written by Jody B. Miller, Executive Director of the Mediation Center of Dutchess County. In addition to her many leadership roles within the transformative and community mediation spheres, Jody also serves as one of the moderators for the Transformative Practitioners and Centers discussion group co-hosted by NAFCM and ISCT. 

Jody's chapter provides an excellent first-hand account of integrating and administering the transformative framework within a community mediation context.  

As you read her experiences, I encourage you to join and engage the Transformative Practitioners and Centers discussion group.  Share your own experiences with transformative mediation, pose questions to Jody and other transformative-minded colleagues, and otherwise contribute to the group's conversation. 

For example, consider responding to the following questions:
  1. Practitioners: Does the community mediation program with which you are affiliated utilize the transformative mediation framework? If so, how does the center support your growth as a mediator? If not, how, if at all, has your personal mediation stylistic preference impacted the way you engage your local center? 
  2. Center Administrators: What have been some of the most significant benefits and challenges associated with your program's use of transformative mediation?
I look forward to reading your impression of Jody's important work and watching the conversation grow!

Special thanks go out to the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation for generously permitting this chapter reprint. We encourage you to learn more about ISCT and its definitive Sourcebook.

In community,
Executive Director, NAFCM

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